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April 2, 2021
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Our Airmatik in the port of Rotterdam

Cutrale is one of the largest producers of orange juice in the world and is responsible for a quarter of the world market.

The oranges harvested on Brazilian farms are pressed and exported in the form of concentrate or orange juice to the whole world.

In the port of Rotterdam, the orange juice must be kept cool at temperatures close to zero degrees, while the concentrate must be further processed, before they are both sold to end customers such as Fanta and Bravo.

Cutrale contacted our Dutch partners, IBK Airconditioning & Koudetechniek, requesting an air-cooled system that is efficient, sustainable and innovative, to remove the existing plant that required large energy consumption.

We have supplied them with a 600kW Airmatik® which cools glycol at -3°C, but which can operate at temperatures down to -10°C.

In this way, Cutrale can cool orange juice with the best air cooled solution on the market: sustainable, compact, water-free and with very high performances.

Companies such as Cutrale realise that only innovative and cutting-edge technologies can allow them to be, and remain, competitive. This is why they chose our Airmatik®.

Therefore, in the orange juice and its various derivatives there is the innovation footprint signed by Zudek!