Three Decades of Experience with Natural Refrigerants

Sustainable Refrigeration

Since 1990, we have been conceiving, designing, and manufacturing highly energy-efficient solutions for industrial refrigeration using only natural refrigerants. Zudek’s solutions are suitable for industrial, residential, commercial, and HVAC applications. We have active references in the food and beverage industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, logistics, and freezing.

We understand our customers’ needs and create tailored solutions for them to improve energy efficiency, decarbonize, and reduce operating costs


The Beginnings

After gaining experience as a maintenance technician on refrigeration systems for the naval, industrial, and residential sectors, Alessandro Zudek began his study and research on the use of ammonia as a refrigerant.


The Foundation

In 1990, drawing from the technical experience of the founding partners, Alessandro Zudek, Alfredo Zudek, Bruno Wittreich and a group of collaborators from the industrial community of Trieste, Zudek was born.


The First Machine

We were contacted by a major coffee roastery in Trieste that, tired of unreliable and inefficient chillers, asked us to create a refrigeration system capable of solving the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability issues they had experienced with other systems. This led to the creation of our first chiller with a low charge ammonia inverter.


Varimatik and Ecomatik

After several years of experience in designing and building refrigeration systems, in 1998, he decided to design the first series of chillers that could simultaneously meet the technical needs of production and maintenance. Thus, Varimatik and Ecomatik were born, chillers capable of seamlessly integrating into company production systems, ensuring high performance, ease of use, fast maintenance, incredible energy savings, and minimal environmental impact.



The need to provide a product with the highest reliability drove the company to invest in research and development to create a telemetry system capable of constantly monitoring the machine’s functionality remotely. Thus, Telematik was designed and developed, a telemetry service that can detect the machine’s operating parameters in real-time, ensuring the highest reliability and efficiency.



Following the introduction of the Varimatik series, a completely new product capable of producing both thermal and refrigeration energy was added to the Zudek product portfolio. The new Recumatik series was launched on the market, featuring a range of ammonia-powered heat pumps.



After years of experiments, research, and curiosity, the need arose to have a plug & play solution for industrial refrigeration in the product portfolio. This gave rise to the new Airmatik series, air-cooled chillers that only require hydraulic and electrical connections to start working and produce the cold required for the customer’s needs.



We introduced our Zeromatik system to the market. It’s a system that allows for the consistent production of chilled water at 0.5°C. This means that in existing facilities or in new dairy industry plants, the need for intermediate heat exchangers or ice storage tanks can be eliminated, ensuring a constant temperature of chilled water throughout the production process.



Driven by the quest for eco-friendly solutions, in 2013, we developed a series of machines for cold production by recovering waste heat. Thus, Enermatik was born, an ammonia hydrate absorption refrigeration unit. Thanks to the efficiency of ammonia hydrate as the refrigerant, we can achieve evaporation temperatures as low as -40°C.



The need to ensure 100% safety in our systems led us to develop a system capable of mitigating potential ammonia leaks within a facility. Safematik is a dedicated scrubber designed to reduce up to 98% of the ammonia present in the ambient air in case of leaks.



Zudek’s vision is to be a pioneer in the introduction of new eco-friendly and sustainable technologies and solutions. From this vision comes Biomatik, a system dedicated to the purification and liquefaction of CO2 derived from Biogas or Syngas. Our expertise allows us to produce food-grade CO2 ready for use in various production processes.

We are passionate about research and continually strive to find new solutions.

Passion in Service of Science

Alessandro and Alfredo Zudek

“I work to satisfy my need for study and research. Research is knowledge, curiosity, it’s engaging with others, it’s communication, it’s finding new paths.”

Alessandro Zudek, CEO & Founder of Zudek