Basketball and sustainability go hand in hand

The “Zudek No Borders Euro Cup” brings together the best youth teams in Europe.

Last weekend, the city of Trieste was the stage for one of the most exciting events in the world of youth basketball: the “Zudek No Borders Euro Cup”. This tournament, sponsored by our company Zudek, brought together some of the biggest basketball clubs in Europe, pitting the teams’ under-16 representatives against each other and giving us emotions throughout the weekend.

Zudek decided to support and sustain the tournament by financing the local team, Jadran Gostol, which took care of organizing the event.

Sustainability, as we know, is based on three pillars: the environmental, the social and the economic pillars. We at Zudek have been promoting and producing a type of sustainable refrigeration that uses exclusively natural refrigerants for our machines for more than thirty years. In this regard, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability also on a social level, by supporting one of the Trieste teams for the organization of this tournament. Support for the team goes far beyond the mere sponsorship of a sporting event but aims to represent our tangible commitment to support local initiatives and contribute to the growth of the community. The decision to finance Jadran Gostol allowed the team to organize a high-level tournament, offering a unique opportunity for young players to clash with teams of the caliber of Real Madrid and Olimpia Milano.

The success of this tournament is not only measured by the results on the field, but also by the positive effect it has had on the local community. Zudek is proud to have helped create an unforgettable experience for basketball fans and to have supported the growth of these kids.

We wanted to congratulate the Jadran Gostol team for organizing the event and congratulate all the teams and people who participated.

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