CO₂ purification and liquefaction systems

CO₂ purification and liquefaction systems


Biogas is the final product of plants powered by organic biomass, which, through fermentations carried out by anaerobic bacteria in an anoxic environment, produce a mixture mainly composed of methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

Subsequently, through liquefaction and purification processes, two marketable substances can be obtained from biogas: Biomethane and BioCO₂.

Biomatik is the Zudek system designed for the purification and liquefaction of CO₂ resulting from biogas upgrading. With Biomatik, you will be able to transform BioCO₂ from waste into a marketable product, thereby adding value.

Our system is capable of purifying CO₂ to Food Grade level, the degree of purity that allows CO₂ to be used in the food industry.

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