CO₂ Purification and Liquefaction

Turn Your Waste CO₂ into Value

Biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials, such as agricultural waste, sewage sludge, and food scraps. One of the main components of biogas is methane (CH4), which can be used as fuel to generate energy. However, biogas also contains impurities, including carbon dioxide (CO₂), moisture, and traces of other substances.

Purifying and liquefying CO₂ from biogas are essential processes to increase the quality and value of biogas.

Usually, the CO₂ obtained from biogas is released into the environment, becoming waste. With our Biomatik system, you will be able to transform waste BioCO₂ into value, making it marketable.

Liquefied CO₂ can be used in various industrial applications depending on the desired level of purity; in fact, with Biomatik, you can obtain marketable CO₂ up to Food Grade purity (99.9%).

In summary, the process of purifying and liquefying CO₂ from biogas is essential to obtain a valuable product even from what is typically considered waste during the process. These advanced processes contribute to improving the use and sustainability of renewable energy sources, while reducing the environmental impact associated with greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing an additional commercial opportunity from something that would have been discarded.

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CO₂ Purification and Liquefaction Systems

Biomatik is Zudek's system designed for the purification and liquefaction of CO₂ resulting from biogas upgrading. With Biomatik, it is possible to transform BioCO₂ from waste into a marketable product, thereby creating value.


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