Ammonia Absorption Chiller

The cold without electricity

Absorbers harness heat sources of all kinds to generate refrigeration energy. They recover hot process fluids, waste industrial gases, and cogeneration by-products.

Low Maintenance

Being an "oil-free" system with a single pump, maintenance requirements are minimized, further reducing plant operation costs. Additionally, with our Telematics system, absorbers are remotely monitored. Our technicians oversee all machine parameters in real-time.

Environmentally Friendly

Ammonia is a naturally occurring gas that does not pollute. It is the best refrigerant available on the market. Our highly advanced systems allow its use in very low quantities with virtually zero environmental impact.

Built to Last

The absorbers are designed and built to withstand the most extreme conditions for many decades.

The invention of hot water

Typically, cogeneration plants fall under the CAR - Cogeneration High Efficiency - parameters thanks to the use of the absorber alone. The new trigeneration plants are designed for higher efficiency and lower electricity consumption. They simultaneously produce all the energy a facility needs: electrical, thermal, and refrigeration.

Ammonia Absorption Chiller


Albert Einstein presented in 1930 for the first time a no-moving-parts absorption refrigerator that required only a heat source to operate.

More than sixty years later, we at Zudek embraced and developed this refrigeration system, using a water and ammonia solution (ammonium hydrate), making it one of our strengths.

Enermatik is an ammonia absorption chiller that generates refrigeration power from thermal energy.


General Features

  • Temperature range: from +1°C to -40°C
  • Cooling power: up to 1100 kW
  • Designed and built for the use of waste heat
  • Electrical panel, power components, control and command, IP55, pre-wired and tested
  • Compact footprint, the chiller is vertically developed with pre-tested modules
  • Control via industrial PLC with proprietary control software and integrated telemetry system (Telematik) for remote process monitoring

Options and Accessories

  • Heat dissipation system: evaporative tower-evaporative condenser-air condenser
  • Integrated heat dissipation system pumping unit
  • Energy metering systems and tools
Why choose Enermatik



Zeromatik is Zudek's accessory that allows any of our chillers to produce cold water consistently. The system optimally utilizes plate heat exchangers, where water is cooled to a temperature close to freezing. This is possible thanks to precise and controlled management of ammonia evaporation.

The Zeromatik system for cold water production can be installed in all Zudek solutions, including water-cooled systems, air-cooled systems, and water and ammonia absorption chillers.

Many dairy industry companies, where cold water is a critical element in the production process, have already installed this system.

But they are not the only ones! In fact, Zeromatik is the best solution for effectively managing various types of processes, such as vegetable cooling, carbonated beverage bottling, and activities in wineries.