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March 29, 2021
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Glycol cooling for processing rooms

The Veronesi Group was founded in 1958 with an idea by Apollinare Veronesi. The Veronesi
group is the leading national producer of animal feed, first in European poultry plants under
the AIA brand, and one of the top charcuteries in Italy with the Negroni, Fini Salumi and Daniel
The group’s focus on innovation and research has always been its strong suit.
They needed to renovate their cooling systems. Their requirement was to produce -10°C of
cooling. They also wanted to save on energy and have a highly innovative system with lots of
They had two designs to evaluate; one was a traditional kind with piston compressors and
flooded evaporators, and the other was our airmatik®.
Our design included a very low level of ammonia with 1,000 kW of power, an air cooler installed
on the facility’s roof, with an air condenser that did not use water. We showed them that with
our airmatik® system they would significantly save energy.
The project was successful, and now Veronesi has a cooling system with our air condensing
chillers on their facility’s roof.
There were two advantages to this solution:
• no water needed
• no space wasted inside their factory, because the machine was installed on the roof