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March 29, 2021
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Glycol cooling for cold storage

The Delanchy Group was established in 1968, and on the strength of its 50 years of experience
it established itself as one of the leaders in transport and logistics for fresh products. Initially
specialising in fish transport, the group diversified to handle all types of fresh products.
It has its headquarters in France and branches in Italy and Spain.
For their headquarters in Villeneuve Lagarin, they needed machines for their cooling systems
that would be easy to install and maintain, that took up minimal space, and that used air rather
than water for cooling, because there are many maintenance problems with water, not to
mention the risk of Legionella bacteria.
We offered them our airmatik® chiller with an air condenser, because it has all the features
they needed, and it is an integrated structure, compact, modular and easy to transport. It uses
a very low level of ammonia and boasts greater energy efficiency than all the other chillers that
use synthetic refrigerants.
Also, with our long-distance remote system, telematik®, we can monitor the proper functioning
of the machine, allowing constant improvements in operations and efficiency.
We installed four airmatik® systems on two different platforms.
Now, after years of excellent operation, other important French groups that use cooling
platforms are contacting us to renovate their systems.