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December 30, 2019
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Our water ammonia absorbers

Electric energy supply in a company could be a serious problem.
Often the companies, other than buying electric energy from ENEL or other producers, buy big quantity of methane to become producers but this is not always enough.
Ideally, it would be use clean energies like wind energy, photovoltaic, hydroelectric energy.
Unfortunately, the actual knowledge forces us to use still motors and turbines.
Both systems are really dispersive.
In fact, the motors has an efficiency of 45% and the turbines 30%.
All the rest is only heat dispersion in the air.
This is a waste and causes global warming.
Zudek studies since many years how to recover the heat and produce cooling energy from 0°C lower through ammonia absorption chillers.
Absorption cycle was the first cooling system created ( invented ) in the world.
An industrial revolution has been invented around 1800 in the field of refrigeration.
By time, in Italy this type of machine has not been produces anymore because they required a big power and a lot of maintenance.
When we entered the market, we realized that only two types of ammonia machines existed.
The bigger one of the large companies and the tiny one for camper fridges.
Thus, we thought to produce medium size chillers from 110 up to 700 kW.
Thanks to an engineers team, we found out a solution.
We built a prototype which will recover all gas waste from chimneys.
Illy company for example, when it toasts the product produces a lot of industrial fumes with heat up to +400°C.
This heat was wasted in the air.
So we builted a system to recover the heat and produce water at +95°C by whom our ammonia absorption chiller was fed.
The project was excellent. The absorption chiller was able to produce cooling energy down to -6°C using the heat at +95°C.