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March 29, 2021
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Application with syngas engine

Pramstrahler is a South Tyrol company established in 1945, which processes pork meat to produce speck
ham, wurst, hams and other specialties.
And, as the motto concerning pork goes… “nothing is thrown away”.
Therefore, they want to recover the heat from the fumes of their processing plants in order to
produce energy in-house.
They have decided to install a cogeneration plant using wood chips – of which they have plenty –
to feed a “pyrogasification plant”, which in turn produces Syngas (synthesis gas).
This Syngas feeds an endothermic engine.
Such endothermic engine must necessarily be cooled in order to work properly. From this
cooling it is possible to recover the heat of the fumes, of the sheaths, as well as that of the oil
At the end of the path, the heat power that can be recovered is low, around +95°C.
Our challenge was to build an absorber that could work well even at +95°C of temperature
by cooling glycol to -8°C.
We have studied this case for a long time, prepared a design and created a machine that can
work even at not very high temperatures.
In this way, thanks to our absorber, we could close the heat recovery cycle.