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April 2, 2021
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Constant icy water with half the energy 

The dairy in Torre Pallavicina, in the province of Bergamo (Italy), has been producing high quality Grana Padano cheese since 1936.

As in any dairy, icy water is the main factor of the production process. In fact, the quality of the final product and the efficiency of the operations depend on the ability to have constant icy water throughout the production cycle. However, traditional ice accumulation tanks require an enormous expenditure of energy and are not reliable, because they are not able to guarantee icy water 24 hours a day.

We intervened by offering a solution conceived in 2010 and developed specifically for the dairy sector and for all those who work with milk derivatives: the Zeromatik®. This system, in fact, guarantees constant icy water at +1°C, controlling the refrigeration cycle very precisely.

The new installation was a success! It immediately brought huge savings, reducing electricity consumption by 40%.

In this way, we were able to combine the tradition and quality of the Torre Pallavicina dairy product with the innovation and technique of Zeromatik®: a sustainable and very efficient solution.