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March 29, 2021
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Airmatik with ambient temperature of +40°C

Algida, an Italian company in the Unilever Group, specialises in the manufacture of packaged ice
Their ice cream manufacturing is mostly done in their facility in Caivano (Naples). It is one of the
largest in the world, producing hundreds of millions of ice creams every year for the Italian and
European markets.
Algida needed a 1,000 kW air cooling system that used only ammonia. They needed to replace
an old cooling system. The new system needed to be installed quickly and brought online fast.
Within one month, we had built their equipment in our facility, tested it, moved it to Caivano
and installed it.
Unilever, impressed by the reliability of our machine and the advantages of our air technology,
trusted us to renovate their facility in Manila in the Philippines.
We designed a custom machine to operate in critical climate conditions.
• Caivano: AIR 5 750 kW glycol -10°C Exterior temperature of +35°C
• Philippines: AIR 5 630 kW glycol -10°C Exterior temperature of +40°C
the airmatik® is easy to transport with a container, anywhere in the world.
The machine underwent the ‘powertest’ trials in our workshop before shipping to guarantee its
The simplicity of the airmatik® system allowed us to install and finalise the machine in less than
one day.
This achievement was also a success!