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March 31, 2021
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Sistema sicurezza per impianti ad ammoniaca

Safematik guarantees safety and efficiency

Unilever Philippines needed to improve the ammonia abatement system in the compressor room at their Pasig plant in Manila.

The current system did not guarantee sufficient performance and given the proximity of the plant to residential buildings, the air must be as clean as possible.

Before starting the design of the four scrubbers, we made the laser surveys to obtain the three-dimensional drawings of the room and of the pipes on the ceiling. The outdoor water tank, used for ammonia abatement, was sized according to the amount of ammonia present in the plant (60,000kg).

The plant installation activities were successfully remotely coordinated by our technicians due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, in the event of ammonia leaks, the fans located on the roof of the plant suck in the air from the room to convey it inside the scrubbers. The water is cooled to ensure greater efficiency. The system also includes the discharge of the safety valves of the compressors into the tank.

Unilever can today, thanks to Zudek, boast a system with an abatement efficiency of 95% and can thus operate in complete safety!