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March 29, 2021
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Application with turbo gas

Salumificio Vitali is located on the Modena hills and produces an excellent raw ham.
It has expanded its factory with reference to both the production and the curing area.
Hams curing, right because of the time it takes, requires a remarkable energy load.
Salumificio Vitali needs electric energy, thermal energy for washing the hams, and refrigeration
energy for drying and curing.
The ham, from the production till the end of the curing, undergoes a weight loss of about 30%.
Drying of the product is attained by heating and cooling the air so that humidity present inside
the ham comes out. After several months of this treatment the hams are cured.
In order to produce the required energy in-house, Vitali has decided to use methane gas at the
Therefore, they contacted us to ask us information about our trigeneration plants.
Our Enermatik plants can produce the three types of energy they need simultaneously:
electrical energy, thermal energy, refrigeration energy. Moreover, they ensure a remarkable
energy saving.
After a careful design study and several on-site inspections, we decided to install a methanepowered turbine. By turning, the turbine generates electricity and thermal energy. Thermal
energy is partially used for “washing” the hams where high temperature water is required, and
partially converted into water chilled to -5°C, which is used for drying and curing.
Oh yeah, the difference, in the end, assures energy saving!