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Single unit air condensed ammonia chiller with highly efficient axial fans.

Aluminium microchannel condensers. Inverter-driven screw compressors.

Temperature ranges from +12°C to -25°C.

Cooling capacities from 200kW to 1100kW.

  • Ecological: ammonia, a natural gas, has the highest cooling efficiency
  • Plug and play solution easy to transport and install
  • Tested before the delivery
  • Dry version working with ambient temperatures up to +42°C
  • “Wet condensation” option for dry environments
  • Low sound emission due to low revolutions fans (1600mm diameter)
  • Maximum heat exchange efficiency during condensation due to aluminium microchannels
  • Maximum heat exchange efficiency during evaporation due to flooded evaporator
  • Available in ATEX version
  • Available according to PED or ASME codes
  • Telematik®: remotely controlled 4.0 solution