Case History



Air-cooled condensation system for the plastic industry, Aliplast – Treviso.


Installation Location
Ospedaletto, Treviso (Italy)

Airmatik + Plant

Rapid cooling for plastic processing processes

Power Output
2000 kW

Operating Temperature
water at +15°C (+17°C/+12°C)

Plastic transformation and/or recycling processes require very high temperatures. The melting point of plastic, in fact, is around +220°C.

Once transformed into films, pipes, bottles, or other objects, plastic materials need to be rapidly cooled to attain the correct consistency.

For this process, Aliplast, a leading company in plastic production and recycling, needs to produce chilled water at +15°C consistently, throughout the production cycle and all year round.

After a careful analysis of the previous system, we realized that the main problem was energy wastage. Chillers were used to cool the water to +5°C and then heat it back up to +15°C, the required temperature.

Starting from the customer’s needs, we created a customized version of our Airmatik that could directly produce water at +15°C. A compact machine equipped with a sensor that allows us to use cooling energy in the summer and outdoor temperatures in the winter.

Thanks to this system, we were able to provide the customer with the required temperature, achieving significant energy savings and unprecedented efficiency. This way, the customer recouped their investment in just a year and a half, thanks to the considerable cost savings obtained with this solution.

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