Case History



Air-cooled refrigeration system for the food sector in Nauntil Les Meaux, Paris (France).


Installation Location
Nauntil Les Meaux, Paris (France)

Two Airmatik units

Refrigeration for food sector warehouses

Delivered Power
350 kW + 350 kW

Operating Temperature
-4°C / -8°C

Carrefour has contacted us because, for the opening of a new branch near Nauntil Les Meaux, they want to create a refrigeration system that is as efficient and “green” as possible. It’s a large supermarket with at least 40 checkout counters, and the technicians are looking for a machine that is economically and energetically advantageous.

The goal is to achieve a solution that is as environmentally friendly as possible, easy to maintain, consumes the least amount of water possible, and provides a delivered temperature of -10°C to supply their refrigerated warehouses.

They choose Zudek because our systems operate exclusively with ammonia, the only refrigerant with a GWP and ODP of zero, making it the most environmentally friendly option available.

Additionally, our machines are remotely monitored; thanks to the Telematik system, we can oversee and intervene with the machines promptly, ensuring maximum system efficiency at all times. Lastly, our systems are highly efficient, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

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