Case History

Conad PAC 2000

Conad PAC 2000

Refrigeration system for the food sector – Conad PAC 2000 – Rome.


Installation Location
Fiano Romano, Rome (Italy)


Heat recovery for refrigerated warehouse cooling

Delivered Power
350 kW

Operating Temperature

Conad, one of the largest cooperatives in Italy, has been pursuing a green policy for several years now to make the company more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

They contacted us to carry out a project at their logistics center in Fiano Romano, the facility that serves the entire Lazio region and neighboring areas. The goal was to waste less energy and make the most use of natural resources. At that time, they were already generating electricity through a photovoltaic system and turbines.

For Conad, this was not enough, and they asked us to harvest the heat from the turbines that is otherwise wasted and convert it into sub-zero refrigeration energy.

We started with this client’s request to create a customized solution that would allow us to utilize exhaust gases with temperatures ranging from +240°C to +120°C to produce hot water at +115°C. This hot water, in turn, feeds into our absorber and enables us to provide sub-zero refrigeration energy at -8°C.

Thanks to our solution with Enermatik, we achieved the following:

  • A system-wide efficiency exceeding 80% compared to the previous solution.
  • The refrigeration energy produced is entirely cost-free, thanks to the absorption of exhaust gases.
  • The economic savings obtained allow us to recoup the system’s cost in just two years.

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