Case History

Cutrale Group

Cutrale Group

Air-cooled refrigeration system for the horticultural sector, Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands


Installation Location
Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Production of glycol water for refrigerated cells

Delivered Power
600 kW

Operating Temperature
-3°C / -10°C

Cutrale is one of the world’s largest orange juice producers, currently holding nearly a quarter of the global market share. Oranges are harvested on their Brazilian estates, juiced, and then exported as concentrate or fruit juice. Cutrale needed to establish a juice storage facility in the Port of Rotterdam because orange juice, before undergoing further processing, needs to be stored in cells at temperatures close to freezing.

Cutrale reached out to our Dutch partners, IBK Airconditioning & Koudetechniek, to request an air-cooled system that would be efficient, sustainable, and innovative, aiming to replace the existing energy-consuming central system.

After carefully analyzing the client’s request, we decided to provide them with a 600 kW Airmatik system capable of delivering glycolated water at -3°C, but with the capability to operate at temperatures as low as -10°C. All the client’s objectives were successfully met. This way, Cutrale can efficiently and sustainably cool their orange juice without using water.

Our solutions are ideal for companies like Cutrale because Zudek’s technology allows businesses to operate sustainably while remaining competitive and reaping significant environmental and economic benefits.

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