Case History

Delanchy Group

Delanchy Group

Air-cooled refrigeration system for the logistics sector, Chilly Mazarin, Paris.


Installation Location
Chilly Mazarin, Paris (France)


Refrigeration for refrigeration plants

Delivered Power
2 chillers of 530 kW and 2 chillers of 380 kW

Operating Temperature
-3°C / -8°C

Delanchy is one of the leaders in Europe in the field of transportation and logistics for fresh products, providing refrigerated platforms for food preservation for over 50 years.

In 2013, they contacted us to create a system for cooling their refrigeration plants at their new location in Chilly Mazarin. The goal was to provide them with machines that were easy to install and maintain, with compact and space-efficient dimensions. Most importantly, they needed air-cooled systems due to significant maintenance issues they had experienced in the past with water-cooled condensers.

The solution we identified is a customized version of our Airmatik. Thanks to its features, it can perfectly meet the customer’s needs:

  • Compact. Airmatik is a modular, transportable, and space-efficient monoblock chiller.
  • Safe. Airmatik uses a very low ammonia charge, ensuring safety.
  • Efficient. Ammonia allows us to guarantee higher energy efficiency than chillers using synthetic refrigerants.

Furthermore, our machines are always equipped with our remote telemetric system, Telematik, through which we monitor the proper operation of the machine, allowing for continuous improvements in functionality and efficiency. The installation includes four Airmatik units on two different platforms, enabling the production of refrigeration for cold storage warehouses.

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