Case History

Gias Spa

Gias Spa

Cogeneration Plant for the Food Industry, Mongrassano, Cosenza.


Installation Location
Mongrassano, Cosenza (Italy)


Heat recovery for the production of cold for freezing food products

Power Output
240 kW

Operating Temperature

Gias SpA is one of the leading companies in the frozen food and vegetable sector. Over the years, it has expanded its production and product portfolio, and consequently, it needed to increase its food storage space.

A plant like theirs requires a significant amount of electrical energy. Therefore, they turned to Cefla, a company based in Romagna that designs and manufactures cogeneration plants, specifically powered by natural gas.

The plant, in this way, generates a large amount of “waste heat” that dissipates into the environment. The customer’s request is to recover this heat and transform it into cooling energy. We have used the heat produced at +170°C and turned it into cold at -35°C, the temperature required by Gias for freezing their products.

Thanks to this system, we were able to utilize over 90% of the energy production, whereas normally it’s difficult to exceed 50%.

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