Case History

Ice Rink of Pontebba

Ice Rink of Pontebba

Heat Pump System for the Sports Sector in Pontebba, Udine.


Installation Location
Pontebba, Udine (Italy)

Geothermal Heat Pump for Cold Water Supply from Underground Aquifer

Sports Sector

Delivered Power
640 kW

Operating Temperature
Glycol Water at -13°C

In 2009, the Municipality of Pontebba requested us to design, build, and maintain a new geothermal heat pump for utilizing the cold water from the underground aquifer in cogeneration.

Their requirement was to create a cogeneration system with a power range between 400 and 700 kW to replace their old system. The previous system used the R22 refrigerant (now banned), and we replaced it with an ammonia-based system, a natural refrigerant with a GWP and ODP of 0.

The cold produced is used for cooling the ice rink plate, while the recovered thermal energy is utilized for heating the gyms, changing rooms, and grandstands.

Thanks to Recumatik, our line of heat pumps, we were able to create an extremely efficient system with a low ammonia charge, allowing the municipality to save tens of thousands of euros while also contributing to environmental and ecosystem preservation.

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