Case History



Absorption Plant for the Food Industry, Illycaffè – Trieste


Installation Location
Trieste (Italy)


Heat recovery from coffee roasting exhaust gases

Power Output
50 kW

Operating Temperature
Glycol water +2°C/+10°C Dehumidification Recup Cal 110 kW

The first installation is unforgettable. When Alessandro Zudek founded the company back in 1990, they immediately noticed a significant gap in the market. There were only two types of machines that used ammonia as a refrigerant: the very large ones used in industrial facilities and the very small ones for camper refrigerators.

After extensive studies and analysis, we decided to entrust a team of engineers with the task of designing intermediate-sized machines capable of delivering energy from 100 to 700 kW.

The design phase took … years of work, but we managed to find an optimal solution to recover the wasted heat and use it to generate cooling energy.

Illycaffè, one of the largest coffee producers in Italy, produces exhaust fumes from roasting at a temperature of +400°C, which used to be entirely released into the environment.

We then developed a prototype capable of recovering the dissipated heat, allowing us to convert the hot energy into water at +95°C, which we use to power our ammonia absorption chiller.

What was once just a prototype has become one of our most requested products, enabling us to produce cold in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

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