Case History



Cogeneration Plant for the Meat Industry, Pramstrahler – Fiè allo Sciliar, Bolzano (Italy)


Installation Location
Fiè allo Sciliar, Bolzano (Italy)


Recovery of heat from exhaust gases in self-power generation systems

Power Output
315 kW

Operating Temperature

Thanks to various installations carried out for companies in the meat industry, over the years, we have managed to specialize in custom solutions for this specific sector, capable of meeting even the most specific requirements.

In 2016, we were called upon by Pramstrahler, a long-standing company in South Tyrol, which has been processing pork since 1945 to produce high-quality sausages and cured meats.

Their need was to recover the heat generated by the exhaust gases from their facilities for self-power generation. The choice fell on a cogeneration plant that uses wood chips to fuel a pyrolysis plant, which in turn produces Syngas to power an endothermic engine.

The endothermic engine, to function properly, needs to be cooled, and from this cooling, the heat produced by the exhaust gases, that generated by the jackets, and that of the oil circuit can be recovered.

Unfortunately, at the end of the process, the recoverable heat energy has a relatively low temperature, around +95°C. Our challenge was to build an absorption chiller that could operate efficiently even at a temperature of +95°C, producing glycol water at -8°C. After a long period of study and analysis, we managed to create a custom machine that allowed us to work at relatively moderate temperatures, as required by the customer.

Thanks to our Enermatik absorption chiller, we were able to complete the heat recovery cycle, achieving maximum efficiency from the system.

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