Case History

Salumificio Vitali

Salumificio Vitali

Trigeneration plant for the meat sector, Novi di Modena, Modena, Italy.


Installation Location
Novi di Modena, Modena (Italy)


Recovery of thermal energy for the production of chilled water

Delivered Power
110 kW

Operating Temperature

Salumificio Vitali is a historic producer in the Modena region, known for over 70 years for producing high-quality hams. A few years ago, they decided to expand their facility, both in the production and aging areas. The aging phase of hams, due to its extended duration, requires a significant amount of energy.

Salumerias, in addition to requiring large amounts of electrical energy, need thermal energy for ham washing and refrigeration energy for drying and aging.

The drying of hams is achieved by heating and cooling the air so that the moisture inside the product is expelled. This process lasts several months, and it is crucial for producers to maintain the correct temperature continuously.

The ideal solution for a company like this is a trigeneration system capable of producing the three types of energy required. In the case of Vitali, they generate electricity with a natural gas turbine, and as the turbine operates, it produces thermal energy, which is used partly for ham washing and partly for producing chilled water at -5°C, employed in the drying and aging phase.

With Enermatik, we were able to recover a significant portion of the produced energy, making the system more efficient. This allowed us to achieve substantial energy savings and consequently a significant reduction in costs.

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