Case History

Selecta, Unilever

Selecta, Unilever

Air-cooled refrigeration system for the food sector, Manila, Philippines.


Installation Location
Manila, Philippines


Refrigeration for cold storage warehouses

Delivered Power
Not specified

Operating Temperature

Selecta is one of the largest ice cream producers in the world and is part of the Unilever group. In 2009, we had already completed a project for them in Caivano, Naples, in one of the largest ice cream production facilities globally, a plant that produces hundreds of millions of ice creams each year for the Italian and European markets.

Given the excellent success of the previous installation, Unilever commissioned us for a new project at their Manila facility in the Philippines. The challenge was that the system had to perform under critical climatic conditions. In fact, the external temperature in Manila often reaches around 40 degrees Celsius.

The goal was to achieve an efficient, compact, sustainable system capable of producing glycol water at -10°C. We proposed a customized Airmatik solution to the client, tailored to meet their specific temperature requirements.

Our machines are always thoroughly tested at our headquarters in Trieste to ensure efficiency before being transported. Thanks to its simplicity and compact design, we were able to install the machine in less than a day!

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