Case History

Torre Pallavicina Dairy

Torre Pallavicina Dairy

Direct Chilled Water Production Plant for the Dairy Industry, Torre Pallavicina, Bergamo, Italy


Installation Location
Torre Pallavicina, Bergamo (Italy)

Ecomatik + Zeromatik

Direct Supply of Chilled Water

Delivered Power
1,050 kW

Operating Temperature

The Torre Pallavicina dairy, established in 1936, is a producer of high-quality Grana Padano cheese located in the Bergamo area.

In the dairy industry, the fundamental element of the production process is the availability of chilled water. The quality of the final product and the efficiency of production depend directly on the ability to have chilled water throughout the entire work cycle. In the past, the most commonly used method in this specific sector was ice storage tanks. However, this particular solution is not reliable because it cannot guarantee chilled water 24/7 and also requires a significant energy consumption.

Torre Pallavicina is a company highly committed to sustainability, and in recent years, it has made significant investments in finding solutions and implementing measures to protect the environment. This is why we at Zudek immediately thought of our Zeromatik system. This system guarantees a constant supply of chilled water at +1°C, is extremely efficient and sustainable as it is powered by ammonia, and allows us to precisely control the entire refrigeration cycle.

The results obtained have been excellent! Thanks to this system, the Torre Pallavicina dairy has managed to reduce its electricity consumption by over 40%.

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