Case History

Veronesi / AIA Group

Veronesi / AIA Group

Air-cooled refrigeration system for the meat sector, Sommacampagna, Verona, Italy.


Installation Location
Sommacampagna, Verona (Italy)


Refrigeration for meat production processes

Delivered Power
1,000 kW

Operating Temperature

Veronesi /Aia Group is one of the largest meat producers in Italy. Within the group, they have well-known brands, both in Italy and abroad, such as AIA, Negroni, Fini Salumi, and Daniel. The Group has always been strongly committed to innovation and research, and in recent years, it has launched various initiatives related to ecology and sustainability.

For some time, the Group had the need to renew its refrigeration systems. The goal was to produce cold at -10°C in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.

For them, we developed a project that utilized our Airmatik with very low ammonia charge to deliver a power of 1,000 kW. Airmatik is an air-cooled machine that does not require water usage, a crucial requirement for the group, which wanted the installation on the building’s roof and had no access to a constant water supply.

Airmatik proved to be the most ecological and efficient choice, and with this solution, we were able to meet the client’s requirements: the ability to avoid water consumption for cooling and no wasted space inside the factory, as the machine was installed on the roof.

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