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Refrigeration in the dairy industry

Zudek helps you in the decarbonisation and efficiency process of your dairy.

The dairy industry is the first in the Italian food sector and alone represents approximately 10.8% of the national food turnover ( -of-the-turnover-of-the-national-agri-food-industry/) with revenues reaching approximately 17 billion per year.

In dairy processing, temperature control is essential to ensure food safety and quality of dairy products. During all process phases, there is a need for accurate temperature supervision to be able to obtain excellent quality in the final product.

But why choose Zudek?


In general, different types of refrigerants are used for milk cooling, but today we would like to talk about the advantages of using ammonia over synthetic refrigerants for this specific industry.

Zudek has specialized in the use of ammonia as a refrigerant for more than thirty years. Being a natural refrigerant, it has very advantageous characteristics from an environmental as well as energy point of view. Thanks to its GWP (Global Warming Potential) and its ODP (Ozone Deployment Potential) equal to zero, ammonia is the most sustainable refrigerant currently available on the market. Ammonia, in addition to enjoying very positive characteristics from an environmental point of view, is also one of the most efficient refrigerants. In fact, it has very good energy efficiency thanks to its thermodynamic capabilities, its high latent heat in fact allows for a lower refrigerant charge.


All cheese producers, whether hard or soft, always need icy water (0.5/1°C) on a constant basis. Over the years, more and more companies have adopted the use of ice accumulation tanks. Large tanks inside which, to produce ice, are frozen coils inside which we normally find a solution of water and glycol at -10°C. Then, during the cheese production phase, the accumulated cooling energy is released by circulating freezing water. It is obvious that this type of solution is very inefficient and requires a huge expenditure of energy, compared to the direct production of water at the required temperature.

In addition to this, producers of dairy products also need “cold” for the pressing and maturing phases.

Zudek created the Zeromatik system for this reason. Zeromatik is the Zudek accessory that allows any of our chillers to produce cold water constantly. The system makes the best use of plate heat exchangers, where the water is cooled to a temperature close to zero degrees. This is possible thanks to timely and very precise control of ammonia evaporation. Furthermore, one of the advantages of Zeromatik is that it can be installed on any of our installations: on water-cooled systems, on air-cooled systems, and on water and ammonia absorbers.

Sala a temperatura per stagionatura formaggi

Another aspect to consider to improve the energy efficiency of your system is the recovery of thermal energy from the various milk transformation processes or from the production of cold. To reduce energy costs, heat recovery systems are increasingly used. The refrigeration systems, equipped with special heat exchangers for the recovery of condensation heat or for the recovery of the superheating phase only (desuperheater), allow the production of hot water to power the AHUs (Air Handling Units), the C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) or other processes and thus contribute to the decarbonisation of companies.


The Italian dairy industry is without a doubt one of the most important food sectors for our economy. Limiting the waste of energy and being able to find alternative solutions that are more sustainable is possible, which is why we have been promoting and producing a type of “green” refrigeration for thirty years. The adoption of compression or absorption refrigeration systems, both based on ammonia and without the use of ice storage tanks, can help dairies improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

If you want to find out how we can help you improve the efficiency of your system, helping you both on an energy and economic level, contact us at or through our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with personalized advice in based on your needs.

Zudek è un’azienda in continua evoluzione, specializzata nella progettazione e realizzazione di impianti all’avanguardia. Utilizzando la ricerca e l’innovazione, fornisce soluzioni ecologiche e ad alta efficienza energetica.

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