Safety system for ammonia-based installations


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Safety System for Ammonia-based Installations


Safematik is a system capable of neutralizing potential ammonia leaks from installations.

Safematik consists of a scrubber, a fan, and a detection system capable of detecting the presence of ammonia in the event of a leak. The system absorbs the refrigerant in water tanks or other acidic solutions.

This makes the use of machinery rooms and monoblocks perfectly safe, especially in neighboring external environments.

Safematik can be integrated with any chiller or system, including existing ones. All our safety systems are certified, and all metal structures are produced in-house.

Furthermore, we integrate the ammonia detection system and scrubber operation logic into the chiller management system (Telematik).


Caratteristiche generali

  • Ammonia removal following industrial plant leaks
  • Ammonia solubility in water
  • Interaction between air and ammonia gas and capture (dissolution in water)
  • Removal efficiency: over 90%
  • Available as a remote removal unit or integrated into the chiller
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