Install a Zudek machine and forget your worries.

Zudek accompanies and supports you in every phase of the project: from design to creation, all the way to installation. But our commitment to customers goes far beyond! With our Telematik system, we can continuously monitor our machines, intervening promptly when necessary.

The interface system is developed according to your needs. All information is recorded and stored by the system, allowing us to deepen and consolidate our knowledge of the context in which the machine is placed, enabling continuous improvements in functionality and efficiency.


Telematik is a telemetry service that allows real-time monitoring of all machine operating parameters. All machines and systems are subject to remote supervision and monitoring 24/7.

Thanks to this telemetry service, technicians can monitor all machine parameters, enabling remote adjustment and assistance. All operating data is recorded and stored in the Zudek server’s history.

This service is also applicable to other systems and installations.

24 /7 Support




We are able to connect online with the machine in order to provide you with telephone consultation for the analysis of its operation.




Through Telematik, we perform online analysis of the machine directly from our headquarters in Trieste, ensuring its proper operation.




Utilizing historical operational data effectively, we analyze and optimize the machine’s operation for the specific installation.

  • Activates motors and valves to achieve the highest COP (Coefficient of Performance).
  • Continuously monitors the proper functioning of heat exchangers, indicating the need for maintenance when necessary.
  • Records the operating hours of the machine and the activities of all components.
  • Monitors proper lubrication and detects dirty filters and other malfunctions.
  • Detects refrigerant leaks and activates warning and safety systems.
  • Checks the status of the circuit breakers for all electrical components of the chiller and requests guided intervention if necessary.
  • Automatically adjusts the setpoint throughout the day.
  • Constantly checks the quality of the electrical supply.
  • If necessary, it can limit the electrical power consumed. For example, during predefined time slots, we can adjust power consumption according to needs.
  • Requests maintenance whenever the processed values deviate from normal.
  • Warns of the onset of vibrations on the chiller to prevent possible damage.
  • Monitors the proper lubrication of components.
  • Monitors the pressure difference across the oil filters.

Specialized technicians

Our experience allows us to provide highly qualified personnel for any of our machines. Our technicians receive thorough training and education, ensuring they can offer both prompt and efficient assistance.

Our staff:

  • Our operators undergo in-depth training on our products and systems. They are maintenance technicians with proven experience in the design and construction of our equipment.

Our equipment:

  • Our company fleet consists of vans equipped with the necessary tools for various types of interventions. We are equipped and trained to carry out speedy interventions on all our solutions.

Power test

All Zudek machines are tested and run at full load in the factory before shipment to ensure proper functionality. This rigorous testing process includes:

  • Radiographic examinations of all chiller components to optimize operating parameters to the required conditions.
  • Reduction of calibration times and subsequent on-site startup.
  • Providing the customer with a factory test guarantee, using certified instrumentation and delivering test protocols with recorded data.
  • Hydraulic pressure testing and radiographic examination are performed following the Zudek quality procedure, supervised and certified by notified bodies ISO 9001:2008 PED 97/23/CE.
  • Organizing maintenance and machine/system management courses with multiple levels of specialization.


At Zudek, we provide comprehensive consulting to identify the most efficient solution for your facility. Following analysis and site inspections, we can determine the best solution for each specific case.

We turn your dreams into solutions.

We use three-dimensional design technologies that allow us to present the facility virtually. This way, we optimize the production process and the quality of the final product.