Zudek is now on Instagram

Today, our Instagram profile @zudek_srl is officially online.

Our Instagram page is officially online, and from today, you can find new content related to the world of refrigeration and sustainability every week.

We will discuss our theme related to nature, the environment, and sustainable development because from the very beginning, we have believed in operating with respect for our surroundings.

We strongly believe in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the combustion of fossil fuels for a transition to more ecologically and energy-efficient solutions in all sectors. In our industry, we firmly believe that natural refrigerants have been the past, are the present, and will be the future of refrigeration.

We should never think of owning this planet but rather preserving it with respect and passing it on to those who will follow us. As an industrial company, we deeply believe that technological innovation today must be inevitably eco-sustainable. Social and economic development must be environmentally sustainable because otherwise, they do not deserve to be called such.

Follow us on Instagram @zudeksrl.

Zudek is a constantly evolving company, specialized in the design and creation of cutting-edge systems. Through research and innovation, it provides environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient solutions.

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