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Zudek participates in the ATMO Natural Refrigerant Virtual Trade 2021

The virtual trade show organized by ATMOsphere dedicated to natural refrigerants.

Since 2019, we have been part of ATMOsphere (formerly known as shecco), the global and independent market accelerator with the mission to clean up cooling.

ATMOsphere spans the globe and includes over 50,000 industry stakeholders, from policymakers and end-users to the academic world, manufacturers, and everyone in between. ATMOsphere events are the place to discuss all matters related to natural refrigerants. Through key industry players, policymakers, manufacturers, and end-users, ATMOsphere provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and future trends in the world of sustainable refrigeration.

On the 30th and 31st of March, Zudek will be one of the premium exhibitors at the virtual trade show organized by ATMOsphere. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to showcase our solutions for industrial refrigeration, based on ammonia for 100% natural cooling.

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Zudek is a constantly evolving company, specialized in the design and creation of cutting-edge systems. Through research and innovation, it provides environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient solutions.

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