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"I work to satisfy my need for study and research. Research is about knowledge and curiosity. This means dealing with others, communicating, finding new directions."

Alessandro Zudek

Since 1990 Zudek has continued to evolve. It started with civil, industrial and naval installations maintenance and never stopped. Research is its flagship. "I work to satisfy my need for study and research. Research is about knowledge and curiosity. This means dealing with others, communicating, finding new directions", says Alessandro Zudek. Every year Zudek have added a new element to its growth, designing and creating increasingly advanced products. Today they are present in the worldwide market with highly innovative and ecological products, with meagre electric energy consumption and the lowest environmental impact. They use heat emission to create cold chains. Zudek's challenge was always to produce cold most efficiently and ecologically. Ammonia is a natural gas present in nature. It is used as a refrigerant and leaves our environment clean. It is entirely different from all other chemically made gases, with high energy costs and a negative environmental impact. Zudek designs and manufactures customised solutions, fitting customers' needs. When a company decides to follow and adopt the Zudek philosophy for its plants, tools and maintenance, it profits. A customised solution is not a dream, it is an obligation. It provides several benefits that standard solutions are not able to give. Zudek is a responsible company, caring for the environmental balance, ready to spread this ecological approach to new generations. Zudek is successfully carrying out this growing process since it believes that a growing company is a pioneer. The last few years have been rich in news for Zudek. Highly technological and power-saving products and a new brand to share its dreams, values, and experience with the world. Thanks to teamwork that involves everyone: engineers, technicians, workers, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

Zudek quality policy assures that the company:

Designs, manufacture, sells and installs solutions that respect and satisfy the required standards as well as specifications and expectations of the customer. Defines and applies the procedures that allow everyone to perform their job in the best possible way.

It is in Zudek interest to retain the customer through:

The understanding of the customer's actual need. The collaboration with the customer to find the optimal solution for any problems. The creation of a system to integrate and optimise the customer's production process

Respecting the environment and optimising costs also in terms of energy savings.

The continuous improvement of quality management system's effectiveness through the identification of suitable targets is also one of the company's primary objectives. The primary objective of the quality system relating to the PED 2014/68/EU directive is to have all CE-marked equipment in line with the directive's essential safety requirements.