Airmatik – Zeromatik coupling

junio 10, 2021
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Airmatik Zeromatik

Have you ever heard about Airmatik-Zeromatik coupling?


The Airmatik is our unique and compact low charge ammonia air cooled chiller.

The Zeromatik is our dedicated system for icy water production at +0.5°C.

These two solutions can be integrated allowing our customers to eliminate all water treatment activities, cool icy water in a reliable way with no need for traditional ice tanks, reach energy savings up to 50% and be sustainable thanks to our chillers running on natural refrigerants.

On the picture you can see a snapshot of the positioning of such solution at San Pietro dairy in Lombardy.

In this case, along with the chiller, we provide also the icy water pumping station.

These are 700kW of pure efficiency and innovation.

The excellence of the food industry starts with the quality of its technology.

We would like to thank all our customers who share with us this same vision and help us build a more efficient and sustainable future.

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