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Luglio 14, 2021
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We are officially launching our instagram page: @zudek_srl

We will be covering each month a topic linked to the greatest treasure we commonly share: our planet.

We will be talking about our nature related topic, the environment and sustainable development because we have always believed, since the very beginning, that we must operate with respect to what is surrounding us.

Decrease in greenhouse gases emissions and fossil fuels burnings and the shift towards greener and energy efficient solutions in all industries as electricity demand surge is the only reasonable way forward. In our industry we strongly believe that natural refrigerants were the past, are the present and will be the future of refrigeration.

We should never think we own this planet, but rather that we must respectfully preserve it and pass it on to the ones who will follow us. As an industrial company we deeply believe that today technological innovation must inevitably be environmentally sustainable. Social and economic development must be environmentally sustainable because otherwise they do not deserve to be called as such.
We, as human species, have all the means to face the climate crisis and make this world greener. It is not a matter of viability, but of willingness.


Trieste, 14th July 2021