Research is knowledge, curiosity, confrontation with others, communication, new ideas.
Research means applying to the new all sector studies.
The research is every study activity that aims to extend and to increase knowledge in a sistematic way.
It is one of the key factors for the growth and the progress of the society.
We study the future.


Today it’s finally possible to create subzero cold without the use of electric energy. With the trigeneration water/ammonia systems we can generate cold in a really efficient and economic way.


Energy saving, the use of ecological materials, the attention to the younger generation, this is our business philosophy. We are present on the international markets with highly innovative, environmental friendly, low energy cost products.

Make cold in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way has always been our mission.


When an architect imagines a skyscraper in the middle of a square, it is a kind of vision in sense that he sees something that does not exist. Before drawing, he sees it in his mind like a real immagination. When a customer exposes us his problem or just a dream, we try to imagine the solution for him even if this solution does not exist yet.


We start with the customer’s needs, we design and produce tailor made systems

When a company marries Zudek philosophy for its machines for its plants and for maintenance usually grows. In fact, the tailor made suite is not a whim but a necessity.

It has many advantages that standardized solutions can not give.


Zudek is a responsable and environmental friendly company.  Zudek cares about energy saving, the use of ecological materials, and  gives attention to the new generations. This  is our business philosophy. Our air cooled solutions, creates cold without any  need for the  water, so without polluting.