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ecological and efficient cooling since 1990

ecological and efficient

cooling since 1990



Research is knowledge, curiosity, confrontation with others, communication, new ideas. Research means applying all sector studies to the novelty. Research is every study activity that systematically aims to extend and increase knowledge. It is one of the critical factors for the growth and progress of society. We study the future.


Energy savings, the use of ecological materials, and the younger generation's attention are our business philosophy. We are present in the international markets with highly innovative, environmental-friendly and low energy consumption products. To make cold in the most efficient and environmental-friendly way has always been our mission.


When an architect imagines a skyscraper in the middle of a square, it is visionary because he foresees something that does not exist yet. Before drawing it, he imagines it in his mind like it was a fantasy. When a customer exposes us to his problems or dreams, we try to imagine the solution that suits best, even if this solution does not exist yet.


We start with our customer's needs, and we design and produce tailor-made systems. A company grows typically when it marries Zudek philosophy for its machines and plants. Tailor-made suits are for us a fundamental obligation and not just a whim. They hold many advantages that standardised solutions cannot guarantee.


Since 1990 Zudek have been shaping cold production in our country using ammonia, a natural gas present in nature that leaves our environment clean. Today is finally possible to create subzero cold without the need for electric energy. Thanks to combined cold heat and power systems and our water/ammonia-based absorbers, we can generate cold quickly and economically.


Scientists tell us that humanity has a few years to reverse and stop a process that began at the dawn of the industrial age: the destruction of the environment. For more than thirty years, we have been conducting our business with an eye always focused on the planet's well-being. Zudek is a company that fits in a "hydrogen-based economy." We conjugate innovation and sustainability with a look to the future, which is already present.


Our Solutions

- Telematik®
- Industry 4.0

- Enermatik®
from +1°C to -60°C

- Varimatik®
- Ecomatik®
- Recumatik®
from +80°C to -45°C

- Airmatik®
ambient temperature up to +45°C

- Safematik®

We listen to our customer

Some of our installations.


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