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Airmatik – Zeromatik: the winning combination for the food industry

The advantage of direct cooling for chilled water.

The food industry is a sector that requires reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions.

Zudek proudly presents the Airmatik-Zeromatik pairing, a revolutionary combination of two advanced refrigeration systems. This exclusive solution offers numerous benefits to our customers. Reliably cooling chilled water without the use of traditional ice tanks allows for significant energy savings (up to 50%) and promotes a sustainable perspective through the use of natural refrigerants.

Zeromatik, the dedicated system for producing chilled water at +0.5°C, completes the pairing with its efficient and reliable operation. With the use of this integrated solution, there’s no longer a need to rely on traditional ice tanks for water cooling. Zeromatik offers an innovative alternative that ensures high and consistent performance without compromising the quality of the final product.

Thanks to the Airmatik-Zeromatik pairing, our customers can achieve significant energy savings of up to 50%. The efficiency of Airmatik, combined with the precision and reliability of Zeromatik, greatly reduces energy consumption in the refrigeration process. Furthermore, both systems operate with natural refrigerants (ammonia), ensuring a reduced environmental footprint and sustainable operation.

San Pietro Dairy in Lombardy is a concrete example of the effectiveness of the Airmatik-Zeromatik pairing. In this installation, in addition to the chiller, we also provided the chilled water pumping station. This solution contributed to improved performance and optimal operation, allowing the dairy to enhance production efficiency.

For more information on how the Airmatik-Zeromatik pairing can benefit your company, contact us through the form or directly at We are ready to offer you customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

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