Case History

Ice rink in Feltre

Ice rink in Feltre

Water-cooled refrigeration system for the sports sector, Feltre, Belluno, Italy.


Installation Location
Feltre, Belluno (Italy)


Revamping of a Freon-based system to an ammonia-based system

Delivered Power
650 kW

Operating Temperature
Glycol water at -13°C

The Feltre Ice Rink is one of the most widely used facilities in the Triveneto region. For years, it has hosted various ice sports teams and has been open to the public for ice skating.

In 2015, they contacted us because they wanted to replace their old refrigeration system that used R22 refrigerant, which had been banned for several years, with a more efficient and sustainable system.

After an initial assessment, we proposed our chiller Varimatik. A water-cooled ammonia chiller that is easily transportable and ready for installation (plug & play).

The request was to create a system with a power of 660 kW capable of producing glycol water at -13°C and, of course, to be more efficient and sustainable than the previous system.

Thanks to the Zudek system, we were able to achieve a system efficiency increase of over 30% compared to the previous setup. The system’s absolute sustainability due to the use of ammonia as a refrigerant, a substantial reduction in electricity consumption, and consequently significant cost savings.

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